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I am defyyyyying graaaaaaaavity by Toradh
I am defyyyyying graaaaaaaavity
Every friday I’m telling myself: "Today is gonna be writing friday!", but it never becomes writing friday but painting friday instead. I had also intended to practice Cel Shading and ended up practicing soft shading instead. Whoopsie.

At least I actually drew what I wanted to draw: Elphaba belting out true words. Wicked is one of my favourite musicals, and Elphaba is so easy to relate to that it hurts. So I had planned to do a Wicked tribute at some point. Voilá – here’s a quick one.
We all know that Wicked is practically Disney, so I ended up remaking the famous photo of Idina Menzel singing Defying Gravity into what was Disney style until I shaded it, er. Other people recreate screenshots into their own style, what do I do? I do this… I modeled her after animated Idina in Enchanted, so this was a real no-brainer. Just for the record: I like Idina’s singing a lot, and well, she’s the original Elphaba, so I went with her. That doesn’t mean I liked other singers less for the role.

Also, there is this…

Done this afternoon in Clip Studio Paint.
The Greatest Show On Earth by Toradh
The Greatest Show On Earth
Floor/latest Nightwish album fanart. It's a bit of everything. Critters fitting the title track, the globe fitting the longtrack, Floor in first video outfit…
It’s a bit crowded, but I like how Floor turned out. Her Élan attire is too pretty for words, really (not that I didn’t like her Endless Forms Most Beautiful attire…)
My favourite song on the album is actually Alpenglow, but I felt like doing something representable of the whole album. I mean, come on, Floor Jansen singing about Richard Dawkins’ books. That’s two of my favourite things combined.

*secretly plays invisible violin during Alpenglow and marvels at Floor belting out the last chorus*

Liquid watercolours and drawing ink on hot pressed satinated paper, yo. I also used references for practically everything.
Miscellaneous Sketches 06 by Toradh
Miscellaneous Sketches 06
…and I’m too lazy to explain it all. Maybe it’s even funnier that way! There’s Nightwish and Lord of the Rings fan"art" thrown in, though. However, for those outside Germany who therefore don’t know, DSA (Das Schwarze Auge) is the most famous and successful German roleplaying system.

The raven-squirrel-griffons are totally my spirit animals.
Our Own Messiah by Toradh
Our Own Messiah
Kobi Farhi. I had known that Orphaned Land existed for years, but I only listened to them by accident because I’ve seen them live as support for Blind Guardian this year. And I enjoyed the show a lot. Now I have their albums spinning all the time.
Kobi also said during the show that he wasn’t Jesus, but somehow I can’t believe him. We dubbed him "Metal Jesus". So, Jesus sings and growls and he’s doing it well.

Pencil sketch pimped with texture in Clip Studio Paint, and I used a photo reference.
The Art of War by Toradh
The Art of War
A little gift for because she provided me with the little star next to my username. Pär Sundström of Sabaton! I suppose the paint on his bass guitar is… consistent with the band’s overall attitude.

Pencil sketch with photo reference pimped with texture in Clip Studio Paint.

Hi folks,


so I’ve been thinking back and forth on two things:

1) whether it would pay off to offer prints via (you could order what you want then!); if you ever considered buying prints from me, what would you wish for? Which painting, which size?

2) whether or not I should get a patreon account. I am afraid I could only pay and get paid via paypal, which I detest, does anybody happen to know whether bank transfer works as well?

What’s more, I wouldn’t be sure about the rewards. I would love to offer every of my potential  backers some personal sketches or something like that, but if I do that for everyone, I don’t have time to finish anything, especially not things I can actually live on! Question is, what could I offer to patrons that won’t consume too much time? Would you be interested in WIP shots maybe, or in hi-res files? Hi-res linearts for practice maybe? I could also offer to give you “votes” for what I should draw/paint next, but with gifts and commissions ahead, I don’t know how much choice I can give you. Is there anything else you would actually be willing to pay me 1 € per month for that doesn’t consume time?

Stretch goals would be easy, though, I have so many project ideas I have no idea how to finish them in a lifetime, and I just hope other people deem them as worthwhile as I do! I’ll try to do them anyway, but not having to, for example, sell bread in order to pay my bills, might make me do it FASTER. A LOT FASTER.

In any case: I need a new job from october onwards, anyway (april 2016 the latest), and I’d really, really prefer to do something I’m actually good at/trained for, which would be, illustration. Sooo, long story’s short, would there be people among you who would actually consider backing me if I do? I kinda fear I will end up backing more people on patreon than having supporters myself, which would be, kinda missing the point.

Please be honest, everything else doesn’t help and will only waste my time thinking about this!

Thank you very much for your opinions! You’re the best!
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Franziska Wenzel
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
I won't join groups anyway, so please stop sending me invitations! Thank you!

- - -
"Meedyevilist" aka Anglo-Saxonist in spe, which means that I, too, fell at Hastings in 1066. I‘m like Gawain, I only function in the sunlight. And only at 20°.
In case this isn’t obvious, I love music, certain animals, and the sky. The only thing I love more are certain people.
In case that isn't obvious either, I also draw and paint, because, well, nobody ever stopped from doing it and it's a good way to clear pictures from my mind. It also resulted in me being a semi-professional illustrator. Yes, I'm for hire!

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I was going to comment on your Sonata Arctica drawing, but then I saw there are many more beautiful drawings in your gallery... great work :)
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I don't mind nice comments on ANY picture, really :D. Thank you!
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Happy birthday! Really love all your drawings! Keep 'em up! God bless you!
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