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Earth and Water by Toradh
Earth and Water
This is a book cover I did last year, or rather: one fucking large painting (I think the last my printer managed to spit out before it eventually died, good grief), cut into three pieces for the book covers. They’re freshly out from a small German publishing company this month, so I’d say I can show it now.
(if your German is good enough:…)

It’s for a new edition of the legend of Siegfried, the Nibelungs, and things related, and I had a great deal of fun with it. Those are the best commissions!

I’ve never been quite happy with the figures, but I am still insanely pleased with the colours. I don’t think I have ever managed to paint such a nice sea and mountains as I had managed here.

…It's most definitely a mix of watercolours, liquid watercolours, and at least some drawing ink, but I must admit that I don’t remember at all how much of which.
…Myths are fantasy, right? Hey, I mean, there’s a dragon.
Wasteland Monarchy by Toradh
Wasteland Monarchy
A little Kamelot fanart! Or rather, Tommy Karevik and Alissa White-Gluz shouting at each other. I was really torn (haha) between illustrating Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy) and Under Grey Skies, and the former only won because I liked my sketches better. Still not happy with it, but you can’t always win.

Anyway, I hope I'll make it to a gig this year! I really really wish I could tell Tommy at some point in my life how much I admire his voice [and Seventh Wonder and actually himself as a person], and the entire band that the gig in 2013 was about the best gig of my life, totally saved my day that day, and well, for reasons which have nothing to do with the band, can never come to happen a second time. It just means so much to me.

Aaanyway! Drawing ink with various references and I still suck at getting likeness right.
Feeling Awesome by Toradh
Feeling Awesome
PelleK getting his Youtube award! That guy is my hero.

I can’t decide on my favourite cover. Sanctuary? The Avantasia medley? The Disney Medley? Ducktales and Darkwing Duck? Hunting High and Low? Rolling in the Deep? Don't Stop Believing? Phantom of the Opera? And I will forever miss him on vocals for Damnation Angels, yes I will. I prefer the original versions of Destruction Preventer (here’s no way to beat the 2014 version of that, anyway!) and I See Fire, though. Oh, anyway!

Pencil drawing with photo reference and Photoshop texture.
Prinsessalle by Toradh
Johanna Kurkela. The promo photo I used as reference is so pretty I couldn’t resist drawing it, but honestly, her singing voice is pretty as an angel’s, too.

I’d love to buy her solo albums, too, but it doesn’t look like you get them in Germany. I need a trip to Finland to buy a bunch of CDs, apparently!

Pencil drawing with photo reference and Photoshop texture.
Pen And Paper Wars by Toradh
Pen And Paper Wars
This was a gift for my dear friends and Because I said I would do something in colour for them and because it was fun as hell. I also owed it to them because they constantly offer me inspiration, food, shelter and care.

This is their DSA (Das Schwarze Auge aka “The Black Eye” – the most famous German roleplaying game) group. The original idea was to create a stupidly overdone pseudo-movie-poster with a fan in the background to make everybody’s clothes float around. It screamed for a Star Wars parody.
I firmly believe this is one of the best things I’ve ever painted and I regret nothing.

Drawing ink and liquid watercolours.

Today’s music suggestion: Imagine Dragons – Warriors
Quick announcement for my German friends and watchers: once more, I'll be at the Role Play Convention in Cologne (May 16th and 17th), drawing, chatting, and hopefully making some money so that I can immediately spend it on supporting the falconers and their lovely bird friends.
I'll update once I know where exactly I'll be, but I'm confident that it won't be that difficult to find the artists' alley and subsequently, me.

Looking forward to seeing my RPC friends from previous years again! Also looking forward to saying hi to anybody who wants to pass by and watch me scribble!

I think the registration worked. I'm confident. Kinda.
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  • Drinking: Water. Lots of water.


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Franziska Wenzel
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I won't join groups anyway, so please stop sending me invitations! Thank you!

- - -
"Meedyevilist" aka Anglo-Saxonist in spe, which means that I, too, fell at Hastings in 1066. I‘m like Gawain, I only function in the sunlight. And only at 20°.
In case this isn’t obvious, I love music, certain animals, and the sky. The only thing I love more are certain people.

Tumblr blog:
Dedicated to sketching, massive band fangirling, and occasional other interests of mine.

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