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A 1000 Paper Cranes by Toradh
A 1000 Paper Cranes
Fanart for the new In Legend album. When I listened to it for the second time in full and for the first time with the lyrics, I cried at least two times. During Choices in Coma and A 1000 Paper Cranes, that’s for sure. First of all, I love the lyrics of practically the whole album (some motifs come up quite often, and they did on the first album already, but that doesn’t matter) and I can unfortunately relate to some, second, I had slept only four hours that day. So I ended up crying like a baby. In any case, I figured I should illustrate A 1000 Paper Cranes. It’s not even my favourite song, but I think it screams for an illustration. Or actually, several…

Yes, I know there are far from 1000 paper cranes in this picture, and they’re sloppy, but I was in a hurry, okay? Today’s their very special acoustic show AND it will the first time in 4 years that I’ll be on a gig with those 5 special people. Even better: 4 years ago, we saw the same band. Anyway, I wanted to have it done for the occasion.

Go support In Legend. Yes, I mean you.

For once, I can tell you for certain that it's Rohrer&Klingner deep violet liquid watercolour and black drawing ink.

Oh yes.

The Morning Rises
She finds herself
In the middle of a park
As the city awakes
A peaceful silence
It appears
A little rift within the lute…
Too calm, too bright
Then she turns and sees
A second sun today
A beauty in the sky
That wipes her own away

With wings too weak to rise
And prayer in her eyes
She is folding for her life
A thousand paper cranes

So she lies…
In dreams that become memories
The little life she has left clings to
An undying hope to be free again

With wings too weak to rise
And prayer in her eyes
She is folding for her life
A thousand paper cranesAnd folfing to survive
Her fate keeps her alive
To pacify our minds
By a thousand paper cranes!
Set free…
Fill the sky!
Fill the sky
A thousand times everyday!

A thousand times a day…
How many suns do we
Need to finally see
The beauty in our life?
Don’t take what you can’t give!

With wings too weak to rise
And prayer in her eyes
Take your hope under wings!
Let them carry you up the sky
Don’t you dare to give in!
Fill the sky with your dreams
By a thousand paper cranes
Let them carry you up the sky
Take your hope under wings!
Let the world…
Let the world
See your wish –
Fill the sky!
Set free
Fill the sky –
Fill the sky a thousand times every day

– In Legend, A 1000 Paper Cranes

For anybody interested, I talked to Bastian by now (the more or less mastermind of the band), and we talked about the story behind this song. It's based on real events, namely on a Japanese girl who was mortally ill. You can luckily read it up on Wikipedia:…
Had I but known about this before, I would made the girl look Japanese, but the band liked it anyway, so I’m fine. I also guessed halfway correctly what the song is about, although I didn't know about Sadako before.
Lindsey Stomp by Toradh
Lindsey Stomp
Lindsey Stirling. Roundhouse Rival. Simply Roundhouse Rival.

Her religious beliefs are beyond me, though, but then again, most people’s religious beliefs are beyond me.

Pimped pencil sketch with photo reference, as usual. I finished this one quickly (started it days ago) to quicken up my messed up schedule. Messed up because I epically failed at painting today and spoiled the printout of my lineart on the last sheet of Fabriano paper. But today seems to be a horrible day for anything artistic in general. I feel my singing and keyboardplaying is getting worse, not better, too…
Maybe I should simply get some fresh air or something…
ViolinTay by Toradh
Taylor Davis. She rocks the violin and she plays a lot of videogame music and movie soundtracks on it. It’s also fantastic when she writes music herself, apparently:…
Taylor, I wanna be you. Also look at this beauty of an electric violin, are violins the most beautiful instruments ever invented or are they, seriously?

Same procedure as every year, uhm, picture: pencil sketch with photo reference, pimped in Photoshop.
Packs Stay Together II by Toradh
Packs Stay Together II
I suppose I might as well have dubbed this “the circle of life”.

A birthday gift for my best friend. I wanted to do something special for her this year. Like, as special as I can make it, limited as I am. She is one of those few people who got to know me at a point in time when I was as lonely as never before and who, from that special day on, more than four and a half years ago, unasked for, suddenly offered me friendship and life in a group as lovely and worthwhile and everything I didn’t even dare to dream of.

The two of us in particular have gone from “people who happen to instantly like each other”, over “how am I ever supposed to get along with this freak!?” [this is a rare exception, though] and “close friends, who are so used to being around that they do not even think about it any longer” to actual soulmates and only comfort in the very darkest of hours. I’m unbelievably glad to have met her and that I can call her my best friend.

Over the past months, she had to suffer my moods at the utmost worst, up to a point where it wasn’t moods anymore. She suffered all of this bravely and still does. Other people had to suffer my moods more than once, too, and they are very brave, too, so I apologize for not painting something for everyone, but I promise to remedy that sooner or later. It’s only a matter of time. And some people are even MORE special than others, you know.

Because sometimes, there is luckily one single person in the whole wide world who understands your feelings and neither blames you for them nor tries to talk you out of them, but simply asks you to be brave. Because that person doesn’t think that you are a problem or that your feelings are a problem, but simply accepts them the way they are and tries to find a way for EVERYONE involved to cope with them.

That doesn’t right the wrongs in your life, especially because you can’t force everybody else involved to go the harder, but more promising way with you, when they would prefer to give up and take the easiest path available. But for those few, precious moments spent together, it makes life bearable again.

She’s given me the most wonderful, unexpected, personal birthday gift I could think of, and she’s continously doing her best to be there for me and to make life worthwhile again. She backs up everything I do, even when it’s rubbish. All I can do is trying to show her how much I appreciate how much she cares for me, although I fail at being brave repeatedly.

There’s a story behind this painting. There are several stories behind it, actually. It doesn’t depict any of them. But it alludes to them. All the animals in here are important! And the colours are. It’s my humble way of trying to say ‘thank you’ to one of the two people who are by far the most important ones in my life.

Music suggestions are still the same as for her last gift!

References used throughout! Why are wolves so fucking difficult to draw and paint?

Thank you for reading this, in case you did. I don’t know why you would be interested in it, but this painting ist very important to me, because what is behind it is very important for me. My best friend is obviously important to me. It just feels catharic to put into words at least a little bit of what she means to me, so please bear with me if I put it into the description of this painting. So, thank you for your time. Time is such a rare gift.
Hi folks,

other people would probably wish you a happy new year, I will get straight to the point instead: is it really impossible to find a good picture of Bilbo’s costume in the ENDING scenes of Battle of Five Armies? …Or at least ANY screenshot of it. I need his cloak. Don‘t ask. Just accept that it is important, okay? I do not care for the rest of the movie in the slightest (it’s horrible btw, I’m not in the mood to discuss that). But the cloak is important. It just is. If you happen to come a cross a screenshot, please let me know!

…This is something I would normally have asked on tumblr, but it still doesn’t work on my laptop, so, sorry to bother you.

Thank you!


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In case this isn’t obvious, I love music, certain animals, and the sky. The only thing I love more are certain people.

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