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In Legend Sketchdump by Toradh
In Legend Sketchdump
I’m trying to prove here that I’m alive. I’m excited for december because I’ll finally see In Legend live again, so I wanted to do some fanart for the Ballads ’n’ Bullets album. I don’t think these drawings make much sense without the lyrics, but here they are:…

I hope I’ll manage to throw some colour on these before the show, and that it will be recognisable which drawing is which song!
Hoot Hoot by Toradh
Hoot Hoot
"I wish I were a little owl, so I could sit under your window, and you wouldn‘t mind if I stayed with you all day and followed you whereever you go. So I could listen to you playing, watch you laughing and chirrup to cheer you up when you’re not. And you wouldn’t mind if I told you that you’re the stars in my sky, and every time you rise, you lighten up my heart, and without you, it‘s just pitch-black dark. All you‘d hear would be the sigh of a little owl going “hoot hoot”, and you wouldn’t object to that."

One of my best friends suggested I should try to put my thoughts and feelings into art if I can’t deal with them otherwise. Didn’t quite help, but at least it resulted in a cute owl.

And yes, I disabled comments because I really, absolutely do NOT want to talk about this. Thank you for understanding. I’ll just leave this here. I’m even sparing you music suggestions.

Unless you have any technical questions. To avoid them: I made a pencil sketch, had it printed on Fabriano watercolour paper, and inked it with Faber Castel‘s equivalent to very fine Copic Multiliners, and with black drawing ink with a pen and a brush. That’s it. I might try working in a similar style more often, though.
Wardrobe meme another update by Toradh
Wardrobe meme another update

Careful, it’s huge.

I redid the wardrobe meme! This time with actually myself wearing the clothes, not one of my characters… It had to be terribly sketchy because I would have gone insane if I had had to draw my own face so many times, honestly. I still own all the stuff from the last meme and you might recognise some of it in this redo (yes, I cheated by at times copying textures from photos). Let’s ignore for a minute that I never go swimming, which makes up for the fact that all my swimsuits are actually too small for me…

I own everything here except the last three outfits, but I wish I did. I have several pieces of historical-ish costumes, but nothing actually accurate, so I went for Lucas Cranach’s Mary Magdalene dress instead. I want it. But I also want to cosplay Leia Organa and even more so, I want to be a hobbit. With forget-me-nots in my hair.

And yes, I may walk around at work the same way I walk around with friends at festivals. Because nobody cares what I look like when I sit in the office, anyway. I tend to leave the thorshammer and the band shirts at home, when I talk to the professors, though… Hey, wait I was wearing a Finntroll shirt when I signed my ph.D. study contract… on, anyway…

And yes, I own the weddings dress! Although it isn’t a wedding dress. If there was a chance I’d ever get married, I’d prefer to do it in an Anglo-Saxon dress with wonderful Éowyn-in-the-movies-like laced sleeves, or even better, throw a Hobbit party (including big cake, silly Hobbit speech, and music with lots of fiddles in it), but unlikely as that is, let’s just use the most expensive object in my entire flat. The fabric is 100% silk and embroidered silk, and it’s probably the girliest outfit I own. I have it because one day my mum was in the mood for it, said “Girl, let’s take your measures, I want to sew a dress for you.”, and did it, just because, well, she could do it.

Unfortunately, this collection doesn’t show at all that my favourite colour is actually blue, followed by green, and black is always a good idea…

The blank meme is still here:…

Canvas Of Life by Toradh
Canvas Of Life
A thousand signs declined
That traveled through light
Translate this mystery
That covered my eyes
Accept approaching fear
And courage appears
Death is a certainty
It's growing near

Letting go is fateful

Uniting broken rhymes
That visions divide
Painting my memories
That colored my life

Somewhere safe and sheltered
Saved forever

Stuck in the light of day
Waiting for answers
A seed that grew into branches
Another page has turned, ended a letter
Come on home and return to the canvas of life

Shapes and boundaries
Will not disappear
Detangle the misery
And enter new spheres

Facing right and wrong
While waiting for life
Can't change this destiny
The curtain's close by

While your leaves descended
Earth starts to unfold

Stuck in the light of day
Waiting for answers
A seed that grew into branches
Another page has turned, ended a letter
Come on home and return to the canvas of life

You're falling down
While my fortune's alive
We're safe and sound on the ground
Time to found new memories

The stains come alive where the paint has gone dry
You float above looking down reaching out to me
Depicting a beautiful scene that shapes divinity

Stuck in the light of day
Waiting for answers
A seed that grew into branches
Another page has turned, ended a letter

I'll come on home
I'm in the light of day
Questions were answered
A new life's arms are extending
The final page has turned, sending the letter
Come on home
And I'll sing you the song has painted your canvas of life

– Epica, Canvas of Life

I figured that for once, I could include the lyrics for those people not familiar with the music…
I’ve been planning to do some Epica fanart since the new album was out (and it’s gorgeous, by the way), but as you may or may not remember, it took me some time to actually produce a lineart, and then something always kept me from colouring it…
But now it‘s done! Huzzah!

Drawing ink and some watercolours, and for once, it scanned quite well.

Hi folks,

my printer has been a bitch as of late, so I’m seriously considering to buy a new one. However, as printers which can print on a4+ watercolour paper without dissolving ink are kinda well, expensive, I’ll have to save up some money until then.

So, I'm open for commissions again until… well, until I have about 200 €. Paintings are a bit difficult because I'll have to run to a copyshop to get the lineart on paper, but drawings or digital commissions would be fine!

Look at this thing here and if you still have questions afterwards, let me know:…

So… pretty please?


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"Meedyevilist" aka Anglo-Saxonist in spe, which means that I, too, fell at Hastings in 1066. I‘m like Gawain, I only function in the sunlight. And only at 20°.

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