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Vortex Generating Super Operator by Toradh
Vortex Generating Super Operator
Super duper quick one!

Bastian Emig. Rocking the drums for Van Canto and doing practically everything except bass and drums for In Legend. Let me promote that the awesomeness that is his band:…

Gotta see them tomorrow, so I rushed through this to have it done and celebrate the hour.

As usual, pencil sketch pimped in Photoshop! (and a barely recognisable reference)
Romantic Warrior by Toradh
Romantic Warrior
Viola from Eklipse. I like Eklipse. They’re basically the female Apocalyptica. Which is a good thing. Every band should have either a cellist or a violinist (or a… viola-ist). I don’t see why not every band has.

As usual, photo reference turned into a pencil sketch with Photoshop texture!
Creepypasta by Toradh
Caleb Hyles! Yes, the one who got so famous with his Let It Go male vocal cover. Which isn’t even my favourite cover by him. I’m stuck between For the First Time in Forever (Reprise!) and Hellfire. I mean, holy, like, in, HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT, HOW!? Closely followed by I’ll Make a Man Out of You. But all of his Disney covers are amazing, so check them out!

I wish I were like Arjen Lucassen and could write awesome Metal operas and ask cool people to sing for me. I suppose Mercy from Anaria and Caleb would be the first ones I’d ask to sing for me.

Or I want to start a Disney cover band. Both would be awesome.

…I get the feeling my pantheon to-do-list never gets any short. Like, any at all, no matter how many people I draw.

(yes, I will also do PelleK again. How could I not?)
Floorever Yours by Toradh
Floorever Yours
I just wanted to paint Floor Jansen. So bad.

If you hear a song sung my Floor and see somebody crawling on the floor (no pun intended), clutching her chest, sobbing and yammering “FloooOOOoooooOOOooOOoooOoooor!!!“, then it’s probably me.

I cheated on this one by tracing a photo in Photoshop (reference link:… ) to get her features and proportions right, but seriously, that isn’t even easy! I mean, it’s not like tracing a page from a Disney colouring book. Even if you do trace a photo, there’s nobody telling you what lines to trace because, well, there aren’t any. There aren’t even clear borders between areas of colour, most of the time. So, phew. …But I still traced.
Didn’t help much, though, as you can see, I got quite lazy with the details. The painting still took me much longer than I actually have time for.

At least the colours are all my own. Yes of course it’s ink and some liquid watercolour. I love how the ink shines.
There’ll be more, though! SOME DISTANT DAY.
Mercy Roulette by Toradh
Mercy Roulette
No, I haven’t forgotten about the musician pencil drawings! In fact, I’m planning to do much more of them. I just don’t know yet when.

Here’s Miss Mercy from Anaria, which you won’t know, so let me remedy:
I absolutely love her way of singing (by the way, what’s her real name? I think Jessica Mercy or something? For some reason, I thought for a pretty long time that it was Lucy)

Although I usually prefer male voices, Mercy totally inspires me to sing. And the Anaria cover of I See Fire is the only one I will ever suffer to exist (okay okay and when my best friends play and sing it). It has almost nothing to do with the original (which is perfect the way it is and so damn personal for me), but it’s a really nice Power Metal song in its own right!

Drawn with a reference photo, pencils and Photoshop texture!
By the way, dear LARPers, tailors, cosplayers, and related people,

for more than a year I’ve been looking for snakeskin fabric and found none that would fit. In particular, I’m looking for fabric to re-craft Roy Khan’s shirt which he had worn during the Kamelot tour in 2005 (phew, yes people, we’re old!):…

If anybody happens to see fabric fit for that, please send me a damn note, if there’s any chance to ship the fabric over to Germany for reasonable fees, I WANT IT!

…I trade helpful hints for art? Or something?

Thank youuu!


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Franziska Wenzel
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I won't join groups anyway, so please stop sending me invitations! Thank you!

- - -
"Meedyevilist" aka Anglo-Saxonist in spe, which means that I, too, fell at Hastings in 1066. I‘m like Gawain, I only function in the sunlight. And only at 20°.
In case this isn’t obvious, I love music, certain animals, and the sky. The only thing I love more are certain people.

Tumblr blog:
Dedicated to sketching, massive band fangirling, and occasional other interests of mine.


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